Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

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Dark Order has merged with Knightmare to create Dark Nightmare

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Dark Order is a clan created by Sjblade. You must have a combat level of over 50 to be ranked. It is f2p events only for the time being. This is so that everyone gets a chance at events.


Dark Order Ranks
Symbol Rank Requirements
General icon Overlord Reserved for important members.
Captain icon Lord Combat 95+
Lieutenant icon White Lion Combat 80+
Sergeant icon Warrior Combat 70+
Corporal icon Bandit Combat 60+
Recruit icon Trainee Combat 50+ (Every new member will be a Trainee for a week no matter what their combat level is. Purpose:so new members don't act like they are long-timers)

Ranking System Template Taken From The Great Clan:Team Falcon. :)


Dark Order Logo

Dark Order features two circles in the clan. The inner circle is composed of high ranking members who discuss on the future of the clan. The outer circle is composed of lower ranking members who entertain and provide strength in battle. There are more outer circle members than inner circle members.


  • Private message Sjblade.
  • Go into the Dark Order channel, D O Clan.
  • Leave a message on Airblade86's talk page.
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