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We are Dark_Aura the elite henchmen of the one true god of runescape, the god of awesome, pain, and destruction the undying lord Zaros. After the betrayal of our lord by his unloyal subjects, *cough* Zamorak *cough*, we were sentenced to the undying fiery pits of hell, by the betrayers. Where we were left to rot, but over the millennia that has come to pass we have recovered our strength, with our taste for vengeance being as bitter as it was the day we were banished. Our hatred of the traitors has only increased allowing our power to become stronger then it has ever been. Not long ago we found a way back to the surface and now we wait there we lying, biding our time, waiting for Zaros to return and retake runescape and to reward us his loyal servants with what we deserve. Join us now or face total destruction like the fools that have stood in his way.

We are the Dark Aura, we are a re-formed members clan with over 30 members, and still recruiting any players over 75 combat. We started in January 2009, we are UK based though anyone may join we also have a level requirement of only 75+ though most members are 100+. We go in Tiblo3's clan chat and our home world is 23

We consider ourselves an active, friendly clan. Our members offer help to each other with quests and skills. We have events 5-10 days a week. These vary from Clan Wars to God Wars. A player may attend any event, and must attend at least one every 2 weeks.

If you would like to join either apply on the forum (link bottom of page), add somthing on this discussion page or speak to Tiblo3 on either Runescape of through his user page

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Clan Rules Edit

These are the clan rules, if you refuse to abide by them, or frequently break them, you will see yourself either kicked from the clan, or put down a rank.

Rule 1. No abuse of fellow members permitted.

Rule 2. No advertising of other clans.

Rule 3. No begging for General/Rank up.

Rule 4. Don't think because you may have a higher combat level than a player, that you can tell them what to do. You must listen to those of a higher rank.

Rule 5. If the clan has an arranged/official war, and you are online, you must attend

Rule 6. No multi claning

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Clan Website -

Clan forum - http://

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