Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead


Welcome! This is a brand new clan started by kingdardis. Everyone who wishes to join can, regardless of level or membership status- although this will be a F2p Based clan. This is a player owned city clan. When you join you will have a lot of choice there are 5 possible branches to choose from

Clan RolesEdit

  • -Military you can choose to join our army or guards to protect bases and officials
  • -Recruitment this is to recruit other people into our clan
  • -resources this is where we mine,fish,cook,.. to sell or use to benefit the clan
  • -council this is where debate issues, issue laws and more
  • -special operations this is only for people who are trusted,and a high rank in there branch.for this you must be chosen.

Clan LawsEdit


  • follow all game rules
  • respect all higher ranks
  • do not insult, threaten, discriminate, cause harm to any members
  • try to be online often
  • everyone is a soldier when needed

punishments for not following the rulesEdit

  • -level 1:warning
  • -level 2:Demotion
  • -level 3:short term ban
  • -level 4:long term ban
  • -level 5:Permanant ban

To JoinEdit

If you are interested in joining the clan please contact kingdardis in game this also applies if you wish to create an alliance.

the dardis empire is also the first clan entered in the dardis alliance union.which are both led by kingdardis

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