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September, 2008

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Da-Chia Clan

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Team-36 CapeTeam-36 Cape
Number of members
Direct Democracy normally,
Hierarchal Oligarchy during combat situations
Level 60

Strength through Defence

~ Old Da-Chia motto from early 2007

The Da-Chia Clan (name derived from "Da" in Dagoth62 and "Chia" in Chiafriend12), abbreviated as DCC, is a level 60+ members' only safe-PKing clan with about 58 members founded by Dagoth62 and Chiafriend12 in September, 2006.

Currently, the clan is inactive, and is not accepting new applicants.


The Da-Chia's lifespan was only just a bit under two years, but it was definitely longer than how long most clans last.

2006: Beginnings

In September of 2006, before most people nowadays played RuneScape, during one lunch break at school, Dagoth62 and Chiafriend12 had a simple idea: "Let's start a clan". They recruited Matt Degoth and Jack Of Horn, two other good friends from school, and made them the second and third-in-command respectively of the new clan.

The idea of the clan's name-to-be was to name it after the founders. The "Da" from Dagoth62's username, the "Chia" from Chiafriend12's username, and "Clan" at the end.

In-game, some recruitment went on, getting the clan about eight members total by October.

In December, Chiafriend12 joined the RuneScape Wiki, and later made a recruitment thread, more than doubling the clan's size over a short period of time.

2007: Flourishment

DCC wild expd

A Wilderness patrol from 2007.
From left to right: Shadow Veto, Patninja, Dagoth62, Chiafriend12, Torist4, and Red Duty (ally; Shadow's friend).

Over the course 2007, the clan's size grew to about 45, with only one defection. With more members, weekly clan meetings were held to keep members informed on upcoming events, new recruits and promotions.

A clan site was established sometime early in the year, but it had little activity.

About every month, clan events were held in minigames (usually Castle Wars and Pest Control), in which most clan members attended. Excluding one event in Pest Control, each event reigned successful.

Having originally allowed players of any level to join the clan, a rule was set in place: Players with level 60 combat or more would be allowed into the normal ranks, and players with below 60 combat were given "in-training" ranks, which fell below even Private. This was later replaced with a rule stating that a player had to simply have 60 combat to join, so lower leveled players who were more likely to quit wouldn't clog the roster. Any remaining active in-training members were promoted to Private. It was also made members' only to help keep members who would just end up quitting from joining.

When Clan Chats were introduced, the official Da-Chia Clan chat was designated as Chiafriend12's, and still is.

In September, a recruitment thread went up on the Offical Forums, only gaining one recruit, and got bumped off the 50th page due to lack of clan members bumping it. Though, back when the thread was made, there were only a few forum areas dedicated to clans, as opposed to now, as there are currently several to prevent threads from being deleted so soon.

Around the end of the year (in coincidence with the removal of free trade and traditional PKing), many members became inactive from RuneScape, leaving about only 20 active members at the most. But with Clan Wars up and running, the clan had safe wars often, since the far majority of the clan weren't pures and didn't like non-safe-PKing.

2008: Inactivity

In 2008, the clan saw the last of its initial glory days.

Somewhere around March, a RuneHead was put in place to keep track of the clan's roster, rather by Clan Chat listing.

Starting in either April or May, with FunOrb having been released, the clan sometimes fought others in Arcanists in groups of three, because of the max limit of six people per game.

But by February even, the clan did very little with one another, and it was officially declared inactive in July.

A few mergers were thought of, but nothing ever happened with them.

2009: Revival?

Starting around December of 2008, Chiafriend12 started to go Clan Warring every week or so, and because of his moderatorship, often got as much as 20 or more people in his Clan Chat at once; the most being 55.

The Da-Chia could end up being revived, but as a clan that bands together and disbands every event instead of having an actual roster. This is how most clans at Clan Wars are like.

Leadership and Government

The Da-Chia Clan uses Direct Democracy normally, and Hierarchal Oligarchy during combat situations.

While not in a war or any other combat situation, Direct Democracy is used for all sorts of things: if a said member should be made an officer, what today's event shall be, someone's promotion, new policies, etc..

Though, for times of war, combat and chaos, Hierarchal Oligarchy takes over. What this means is that whoever has the higher rank makes the decisions, and the subordinates are supposed to fulfill those orders. For example, a Corporal may tell a ranger Private to take a position which would be ideal for sniping meleeists. A Sergeant may tell the both of them to instead follow him on a flanking mission. Even after that, a Captain could them order all of them to fall back and regroup with other members of the clan. Lastly, a Commander may tell them to take up ambushing positions similar to the Corporal's idea. Since there would be no one higher ranked than the leader, that decision would usually be final.

During Hierarchal Oligarchy, it is still possible for a lower ranked member to make an order. For example, if a group of ten clan members led by a Lieutenant are waiting to ambush and a Private recommends that they should find a new position elsewhere, the Lieutenant could approve the idea. If the Lieutenant disagrees, then the Private's idea would be vetoed.


The Da-Chia Clan has a United States Army-based hierarchy. Up until Senior Corporal, the insignia mirrors or closely resembles that of the United States Army enlisted rank insignia. For the Sergeant ranks, United States Air Force insignia is used.

Unlike most clans, ranks are proportional. For example, per every sergeant, there would be five subordinates.

Also unlike most clans, combat levels won't influence ranks that much. General is the only rank in which a higher level is needed.

Clan Chat insigniaRankFull insigniaUnited States Army equivelant
Conscript Conscript
Friend icon Friend/Ally Recruit
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.00.58) Private US Army E-2 Private
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.00.58) Private Grade 1 US Army E-3 Private First Class
Corporal icon Corporal US Army E-4 Corporal
Sergeant icon Senior Corporal Senior corporal rank insignia Corporal
Sergeant icon Sergeant Grade 3 E5 USAF SSGT Sergeant
Sergeant icon Sergeant Grade 2 E6 USAF TSGT Staff Sergeant
Sergeant icon Sergeant Grade 1 E7a USAF MSGT Sergeant First Class
Sergeant icon Senior Sergeant E8a USAF SMSGT Master Sergeant
Sergeant icon Sergeant Major E9a USAF CMSGT Sergeant Major
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.05.03) Lieutenant Grade 2 US-OF1B Second Lieutenant
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.05.03) Lieutenant Grade 1 US-OF1A First Lieutenant
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.05.03) Senior Lieutenant US-OF1A US-OF1A First Lieutenant
Captain icon Captain US-O3 insignia Captain
General icon Brigadier General US-O7 insignia Brigadier General
General icon Two-Star General US-O8 insignia Major General
General icon Master General US-O9 insignia Lieutenant General
General icon Commander Grade 2 US-O10 insignia General
General icon/Channelowner icon Commander Grade 1 US-O11 insignia General of the Army


The table below explains the difficulty that clan members must face to get the specified rank.

Conscript Being a conscript gives the lowest imaginable position possible. Conscripted personnel are just players that join the respective Clan Chat during a Clan Wars session without much loyalty.
Friend icon Friend and Ally To become a Friend or Ally, a user in question just needs to be a friend of a clan member.
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.00.58) Private and Private Grade 1 Acquiring the basic private's rank is the easiest thing a loyal member will do. Getting to Private is automatically done upon joining.

Promotion to Private Grade 1 is also an easy thing. It can be done just by a short period of activity and/or good merit.

Corporal icon Corporal Corporal is also easy. Just a bit more activity and/or good merit can grant a Corporal's rank.
Sergeant icon Senior Corporal through Sergeant Major Starting at Senior Corporal, actual distinguishment is needed. Once a clan member has achieved the rank of Senior Corporal, the rest of the sergeant ranks would relatively glide by with general activity.
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.05.03) Lieutenant Grade 2 through Senior Lieutenant There are two ways to get the rank of Lieutenant.

The first being noticed at the point of recruitment that the member in question is a good leader.

The second would be to progress through all the enlisted ranks, which will be difficult for most members.

Advancements to Lieutenant Grade 1 just comes with time. Senior Lieutenant can be bypassed completely.

Captain icon Captain Requires leadership higher than Lieutenant, but lower than General.
General icon Brigadier General through Master General While some clans will have hordes of generals, in the Da-Chia only the best of the best can become generals. Such a promotion requires having been in the clan for several months at the least, a good sense of leadership, being mature, and generally a high level.
General icon Commander Grade 2 and Commander Grade 1 Getting to be a commander is impossible. It is reserved for clan founders and the very first members only.

Member list

Below is a list of members of the Da-Chia, with their probable combat level. Most of the members are inactive, as said earlier in the article. Combat levels listed have a high chance of being out of date, so the actual combat level is bound to be higher than listed. Many that went inactive have not logged in since before Christmas of 2007, so getting knowledge of their level would be difficult. Levels are also bound not to be exactly correct.

Friends, Allies and Conscripts are not listed.


Elderrrrrrr God91



Private Grade 1s



Senior Corporals

Marcus Gooooord

Sergeant Grade 3s

Sergeant Grade 2s

Sergeant Grade 1s

  • None

Senior Sergeants

Sergeant Majors


Lieutenant Grade 2s

Lieutenant Grade 1s


Senior Lieutenants


Brigadier Generals

  • None

Two-Star Generals


Master Generals

Commander Grade 2s

Commander Grade 1s

War history

Below is a general list of declared wars with other clans or individuals and their outcomes. This is not a complete list of wars that the Da-Chia participated in, but does list the major ones.

Of the wars listed below:

Victories: 3.5
Draw/No outcome: 2
Losses: 1


  • Cool_Spy0 declared war on the Da-Chia Clan on the basis that it would be her against all of the DCC (about 10 at the time) in the TzHaar Fight Pit. Due to lack of organization, only a few DCC members showed up. Lost.


  • The Bay Area Krew declared war on the DCC. Nothing ever really happened. Draw.
  • The Zamorak Elite waged propaganda war on the DCC. After a week or two of propaganda being thrown at each other, the ZE offered a treaty on the grounds that if the DCC lets up, then the ZE would do the same. The offer was accepted. Partial victory; opponent gave in first.
  • The Galactic Federation, an ally, asked if the DCC would help in theoretical 'training wars', in which members from both clans would be trained to be better fighters by waging war with allies. No outcome; training war.
  • An allied clan was having a war in the TzHaar Fight Pit with another clan. The DCC was there to help. Victory.


  • In Clan Wars, the Da-Chia fought many other clans without any prior arrangements. Out of all of the fights, the DCC maintained an average victory rate of around 60%. Victory.
  • In Arcanist wars, the Da-Chia won about 75% of the time. Victory.


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  • Galactic Federation (inactive)
  • GreenSkulls (active)
  • Guthix Crusaders (inactive)
  • Wiki Clan (inactive)


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