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Cozmic is a group for high-leveled players(80+). Cozmic was made June 21, 2011. The current homeworld is World 164, but can be easily changed. Our main area of operation happens at the Druid's Circle in Taverly. If unable to reach Druid's Circle, we go to Clan Camp. We try to do Clan Wars, but still need certain helpers.


In the Clan, Cozmic has a certain staff to help maintain the clan and get feedback to make it even better. It even opens more positions so a better experience can be givin to the clan. These are the current positions in the clan.

  • Helper- The helper will help me in different situations, from helping arrange events to making fourms on the clan homepage. This job is very easy and dosn't require much time.
  • Clan Wars General- The Clan Wars General will be on world 129 with anyone who wants to join making Wars with different clans. This person has to be a high level to make the competition scared of what is to come.
  • The PKer- The PKer will be a leader of his (or her) group of people, pking other noobs. This person must not kill any other members of the clan or will be temp. banned. Second time perm. banned.

More Openings to come!

  • Still Open Positions


Cozmic provides activities for clan members so everybody enjoys thier time in Cozmic.

Clan Wars is an activity that Cozmic offers as a clan. The Clan Wars is good with the higher leveled players using ancient magicks. Pking and Castle Wars are other events that are apart of Cozmic. Here is a Sample Event that will happen:

What? Castle Wars
When? Monday&Friday
Time? 6:00 P.M GMT
Host? C.W. General
Bring Best Items


  • All JaGeX rules apply.
  • No Flamming or Spamming in Thread or Chat
  • All Clan member must participate in clan by talking or coming to events
  • It is mandatory to come to meetings
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