DarkChocol8 with Rex(pet dragon), the founder of the clan


S1ngul4r1ty, the current owner of Clan Guthix

Clan guthix logo

"The balance between skilling and killing" Clan Guthix Logo

With the tagline of "the balance between killing and skilling", Clan Guthix is one of the premier clans of RuneScape. Currently owned by 'S1ngul4r1ty', 'DarkChocol8','TOxy' and 'Internaly'. It was originally founded by DarkChocol8, the ownership was then handed over to S1ngul4r1ty, who is the current owner of the clan. The official world of the clan is world 59. The clan has no restrictions on combat level or membership of RuneScape. You can visit the clan page and find more information over here.

General InformationEdit

With an earlier strength of around 400 players, Clan Guthix is like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, and has a current might of 163 players. Many of the players left RuneScape either due to EOC (Evolution Of Combat) or various other reasons. Averaging at a total skill level of 1,004 , and a humongous total experience of 1,308,353,333 , Clan Guthix is a social clan but still contains factions who enjoy skilling, slaying, bossing and many such other activities together.

They have an average combat level of 119 and a Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) of 0.69 but has not actively participated in any official RuneScape Clanwars. Clan Guthix have a citadel level of 1 and have just recently launched their clan avatar.

Clan MembersEdit

As said by their founding father DarkChocol8,"There are no requirements to join. All players, new to veteran are welcome, as well as players of any combat level. We are a social clan but some factions also


Limatto (left) with one of the owners TOxy (right) chilling at the Grand Exchange on World 59.

enjoy skilling and/or fighting.We are accepting new recruits now". Clan Guthix currently consists of four owners, three coordinators, one organiser, one administrator, nineteen generals, eighteen captains, twenty-four lieutenants, thirty-two sergeants, thirty-six corporals and twenty-seven recruits. The list of clan members is here.

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