Welcome to Clan Consentus!

Hello and welcome to Clan Consentus! 

Here at Consentus we like to refer to ourselves as one big family. Our doors are always open whether you like to focus solely on skill training or you're partial to a bit of combat training. Staff alongside members work hard to ensure and maintain a positive, friendly enviroment to new and old players alike.

As an active clan we have an arrange of activities ongoing at all times, a few of these include:  

Active Clan Avatars

Active and Easy Offsite Clan Forums

Clan YouTube Channel

Clan Vs Clan Skill Wars

Intra-clan Skill Wars

Consentus Teamspeak Channel

Fun and Consistant Real Life Events

A Tier 7 Citadel

Active Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Clan History 

Consentus was originally formed in 2010 by Only Lilly, At Ge and Barbie. Three skill pures who were very passionate about Runescape and the communities within it. Their aim was to create a level 3 skilling community with no drama and a fantastic atmosphere. Over the past few years Consentus has grown to be one of the most family orientated clans in Runescape.

Fast forward to the present day and Consentus now has their door open to both combat players and skill pures with a guaranteed Recruit rank to all! The only requirement is to simply join our clan chat!

Consentus, in Latin actually stands for 'Harmony', which is the inspiration for our clan motto, 'Peace and Harmony in everything we do'

Clan Information

Clan Leaders: Only Lilly & Crater

Clan Chat: Consentus

Clan World: 25

Clan Time: Worldwide, Mainly GMT

Clan Members count: 250+

Clan's Personal Forums:

Clan's Facebook:

Clan's Twitter:


As afore mentioned a Recruit rank becomes available to anyone who joins the Clan chat. If you wish to be a member, the requirements are as follows:

For P2P Members: -  20 Million non-combat total experience or 1,150 non-combat total level.

For F2P members: - 10 Million non-combat total experience or 650 non-combat total level.

To join, head over to our forums and post your clan application! Feel free to guest in our clan chat if you have any questions.

Some more fun we've had:

  • Clan Consentus, Simon Says Event
  • Clan Consentus Simon Says Event
  • Clan Consentus Simon Says Event
  • Clan Consentus Simon Says Event
  • Just a few of the members in the clan.
  • Winner of our Race across Rs Event.
  • Second to finish the Race across Rs Event.
  • The leader strolling in for last place. :P
  • The work of our clever members. :)

We always look forward to meeting new members! If you'd like to enquire further about becoming part of our family please join our clan chat 'Consentus' or pay a visit to our clan site.

Thank you.

Consentus Staff.

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