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Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead


Owner - Cr A z Ed

Co-leader - xCrazedAgsx

Clan Chat - Cr A z Ed

Home world - 83

Clan Base - Edgeville

Clan Colour - Red

C R A Z3 D is a combat-based clan, based in England (Gmt but accepting most people who can make events), accepting only p2p members. It is an extremely new clan, founded on the 9th of february 2010. At the moment we are accepting any recruits who have a decent knowledge and aptitude to the combat role of the game. This means preferably around 70+ combat or 60+ for a pure however exceptions will be made providing it's not stupid (i.e level 5 combat).


If NOT a pure:

  • Melee - 60+ Strength, 60+ Attack, 50+ Defence, 43+ Prayer
  • Ranger - 65+ Ranged, 40+ Defence, Decent melee stats for precaution
  • Mage - 65+ Mage, 40+ Defence, Decent melee stats for precaution

If you ARE a pure:

  • Melee - 60+ Strength,60+ Attack, 1 def (unless berserker pure)
  • Ranger - 60+ Ranged, 1 Defense, decent Strength
  • Mage - 60+ Mage, 1 Defense, decent Strength


(News to come)

  • Events

The more events attended, the greater your chance of promotion.

Date Event
Weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) Clan Wars
Saturday, Sunday Pest control (only when 12+ p2p players in cc)
Any time King Black Dragon, Giant Mole, Stealing Creation, Etc.
Any time

Duel Arena, ranks will be based on performance in this.

Rules + RanksEdit

Your rank in the clan DOES NOT affect the rules and the same punishments will apply

  1. Main rule - Cuss enemies all you like but do not under any circumstances show aggression towards your clan mates, agression towards clan mates will result in a possible rank down and a "black mark". *Side Note: 3 "black marks" and you are kicked out of the clan*
  2. Follow runescape rules (bad language will be accepted to a degree due to jagex's over the top censoring)
  3. Be at least semi-obedient. I'm not going to be bossy but don't blatantly refuse orders, also do what you think is right.
  4. 1 ranked account per person, it's fine to have a pure, however don't expect a rank
  5. Multiclanning IS tolerated provided this is the main clan
Symbol Rank Role of Rank
General icon General Leader/s, responsible for what happens in clan
Captain icon Captain Moderators, responsible for enforcing rules
Lieutenant icon Lieutenant Veteran member, resonsible for recruiting and attending events
Sergeant icon Sergeant Experienced member, responsible for attending events
Corporal icon Corporal Recently recruited member, responsible for attending events
Recruit icon Private Newly recruited member, responsible for attending events
Friend icon Friend/ally Visitor to clan

Level 100+ instantly become Corporals. To gain ranks attend events or invite more people.

List of clan membersEdit

Leader/Founder - Cr A z Ed (p2p)Edit

Combat level 112, (99 Woodcutting)

General/Moderator/Head of Combat - XCrazedAgsX (p2p)Edit

Combat level 110, (99 Woodcutting)

Captain - Ay_g_s (p2p)Edit

Combat level 91

Captain - Scaredof24s (p2p)Edit

combat level 94

Captain - BludCrzdTING (p2p)Edit

combat level 97

Lieutenant - CrOss_OSX (p2p)Edit

Combat level 80

Lieutenant - Tokey-Nuh (p2p)Edit

combat level 100

Lieutenant - my rulzzzzzz (p2p)Edit

combat level 79

Sergeant - Mudvayyyne (p2p)Edit

Combat level 90

Sergeant - 0yak Mage (p2p)Edit

Combat level 77, (99 magic)

Sergeant - not safe run (p2p)Edit

Combat level 108

Corporal - Porky301 (p2p)Edit

Combat level 81

Corporal - FunkyBoy Hj (p2p)Edit

Combat level 82

Private - Less Slay11 (p2p)Edit

Combat level 87

Private - Masa5566 (p2p)Edit

Combat level 90

Private - Joachim12111 (p2p)Edit

Combat level 107

Private - Bombsquadd5 (p2p)Edit

Combat level 96

Private - Ploppoo95 (p2p) Edit

Combat level 93

Private - Tyyo (p2p)Edit

Combat level 89

Private - Trelos (p2p)Edit

Combat level 70

Private - Masani7 (f2p)Edit

combat level 82

Private - Build Panda (p2p)Edit

Combat level 84, (99 cooking)

Private - Ninja_Soccer (p2p)Edit

Combat level 88

Clan HistoryEdit

  • 9th February 2010, Leader leaves clan: Deja-Vu and founds C R A Z3 D.
  • 11th February 2010, total number of clan members reaches 15
  • 12th February 2010, Runedan 16 is kicked permanently from clan
  • 13th February 2010, total number of clan members reaches 25
  • 15th February 2010, total number of clan members reaches 35
  • 23rd March 2010, Cr A z Ed gets hacked and all ranks are lost.
  • 1st June 2010, Cr A z Ed recovers account only to find that the clan as been apart.
  • 2nd June 2010, Clan Leaders Cr A z Ed and XCrazedAgsX ,kick start the clan back up after 4 months of the clan apart.
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