Recent ActivityEdit

As of now, the brotherhood is small, and just starting out

Clan InfoEdit

  • Name: Brotherhood Of Zaros
  • Leader: Stranger0077

Brotherhood LawEdit

  • Hear the word of your superiors.
  • Be ready to show your faith in zaros.
  • Actively oppose both Zamorakians and Saradominists.
  • Learn everything you can about Zaros.
  • Support the Brotherhhod at all times.
  • Never oppose another Zarosian.
  • Ready Glenior for the return of the Empty Lord!

Ranks & RequirementsEdit


  • Students only requirements is to show faith in Zaros.


  • Have knowledge about Zaros, and the betrayal of Zaros.


  • Defenders must have 40 strength and 40 attack.
  • Rangers must have 40 range.
  • Mages must have 40 magic.


  • loyalty to the clan and to zaros.


  • Shown great faith in zaros and the clan.


  • only the clans current leader may be at this rank.


The Empty Lord Will Rise Again!

Join the clanEdit

If you would like to join, fill out this app on the discussion page:

Combat level:

Runescape username:

Do you show faith in Zaros?:

Do you renounce your faith in Zamorak and Saradomin:

Tell the clan about your self:

Do you want to make an alliance with our clan?Edit

If you do fill out this app on the disscusion page:

Clan name:

Do you worship Zaros:

Why do you want to make an alliance?:

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