Oy! im Szarloc I of the broodoo club the leader.It takes a lot to be a member. you need to kill a broodoo vitcitm and take there mask now a drive is needed to enter the requirements are 40 mining 5 cooking

20 combat and 35 magic.Now ill turn you over to my secratery Iron Otto!!!

Thanks Szarloc I, the Broodoo clan started in Kajamra but we have also taken part in minigames and house parties. We are looking for players of all type; the minigames we currently play are Stealing

Creation and Pest Control. We plan on organizing and playing in other minigames and other activies latter on. Szarloc I has already stated minimum requirements for our club; if you meet them join us for combat, skills, profit, and maybe evan glory.ty Iron Otto Now the symobol of our gloryus clan a cat siting on a broodoo sheild with two machetes and a moto saying he hwo has the gold makes the rules and the rules are no swearing if you do you will not report you but we advise to keep to aminamum another is no killing a member in pvp or bounty world unless they challenge another clan member non members of the club can be killed widespread. ANOTHER RULE IS NO INSULTING NOR OFFENDING OTHER CLAN MEMBERS!! If you are a free player join our merchent guild and make millions!! Our profeshonishins are trader merchant guard warrior mage secratary acher preist. Chose in my recruitment files today!!! this is Broodoo Club if you wish to join add me to your friend list and by by=]!!!!

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