Broken Pieces is an F2P/P2P clan that promotes fairness to everyone and help to those who need it. We are a friendly clan and our goal is to create a social clan for all F2P/P2P players to enjoy the game together as one. Ultimately, we try our best to have fun!

Broken Pieces
Clan Leaders
LKYA, Nate o_O
Founded 3rd August 2013
Clan Motto Skilling ain't fun without a chat
Clan Generals

Ivan 0der,Xletrik,Domkovs

Home World



Events can be anything, so long as they are F2P so that everyone clan member can participate

Any clan member can host their own clan event or party.

Any major clan event well be mentioned by one of the clan leaders of generals or will be posted on the clan forums.

Clan RanksEdit

Clan ranks will be issued to any clan member who play's by the rules. (The rules of Runescape)

Clan RulesEdit

  • Read the Runescape Rules!
  • No Spamming!
  • No Advertising of (IRC Channels, Websites)
  • Do not encourage others to break the Forum rules or RuneScape rules!
  • No Scamming!
  • No account selling is allowed
  • NO BOTTING! If found to be a botter player will be removed from the clan and reported.
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