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Breaking Steel

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Breakig Steel
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Type of Clan
Community/Specialist Clan
Main Leader
  • DragonkinJas

Secondary Leader(s)

  • Algol XLVI
# of Members
17 (Number is Constantly Changing From Recruiting)
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Information is not Spread Among The Forums But By Social Communication on Runescape. No Official Rules Have Been Posted.
Breaking Steel clan is a Friendly P2P clan that has No Entry Requirements. This Clan was Founded by DragonkinJas, formally known as LethalOrison. The Group Currently has 54 members, and are Constantly Recruiting to form a Larger, Happier Society.


Breaking Steel is Dedicated to the Several Areas of RuneScape that Make it Fun, Like Group Skilling, House Parties, Clan Hunts, and Moneymaking. The Clan Strives to Achieve its Best in Everything, and its Members are Constantly Looking to Improve Both the Clan's Community, and Themselves.


The Clan Breaking Steel was Official Known as Vampire Empire in its Early Start in 2007 as a Friends Chat "Clan". In Its What is Known as "2nd Edition" It Re-open at the Starting of New Clans in 2O11 Under Many Known Names But Considerable Known as Titan S Empire. It was Later Abandon and Re-opened in February 2012 as Phantoms Brotherhood Later Changed to Breaking Steel.

History:Clan Owner(s)Edit

The Clan Owner, DragonkinJas was a Well Known Social Player that did in His will to "Help Create a Clan That People could Socialize Peacefully and Enjoy Runescape as a Group then a Stray Lone Wolf". He Created his Friends Chat Vampire Empire to Do Role-Playing as So Called "Vampires" Uselessly Dressing up in Authentic Vampire Clothing and Making there Characters Very Pale. Shortly After He Quited for Approximately 2 Years. DragonkinJas Re-opened His Vampire Empire again Til 2011 When It Become a Official Clan Later Changing to a Social Clan for Everyone that is a Pay-To-Play can Join.

The Clan Owner, BODIED FAM was a Official Member of During March 2012 and is A New Owner Determine to Keep the Clan at Ease.

The Clan Owner, Algol XLVI was Originally darrejtheman, Official Only Founder Left of Breaking Steel and Has Been a Owner for Ending of The Vampire Empire in 2011.

Note: This Owner has Quited But is Remembered as a Leader.

The Clan Owner, Gangsta Pea Later Known as Fail People was A Legendary Icon of Peace and Prosperity for Breaking Steel and is Known as One of the Best Leaders of Breaking Steel. He Quited Runescape in Late 2011 and is Always Remembered for His Scarface's to Keep the Clan Working.


Today, Breaking Steel is Open Advance Social Clan (POC). Joining This Clan is Only Possible Though Guesting The Official Clan Chat (Breaking Steel) Then Asking To Be Recruited. Recruting is Not Permited On This Site as Its Only History of Clans. All Recruiting Must be Done on Runescape.


  • The Only Screenshot Picture's Ever taken of The Clan is When it Was Originally Called Phantoms Brotherhood.

Working:Phantoms Brotherhood


Conference:Phantoms Brotherhood


Klasteran(Ex-Head Captain)and Isafdar (DragonkinJes)

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