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BoD = Blade of Destiny, this is a Dutch clan, so if you can not speak dutch, you should not join this clan. further this clan is combat related, most of the time we spend on: fighting monsters, doing clan wars or fist of guthix, or making money. we also have a number of rules you must follow to stay into the clan, otherwise: you will be banned.


  1. 1: speak to each other with a nice tale and never spam
  2. 2: never be a spy in our clan.
  3. 3: you can get out of this clan

Important note: if you are a member (need lvl 10 combat) then your friend(s) may join also, free. so invite them, but we are making a update of our active-time, so you need to come mini. 1 time per week online to make futher information good understanding.

Recruitement needs:

mini lvl 10 combat level

mini lvl: 10 defence

mini outfit: black full armour: B full helm, B platebody, B platelegs, and a B kiteshield Or wear a B medium helm, B chainbody, B platelegs, and a B Sq shield with a B longsword.

this was all the main info about our clan, hopefull see you agian in our clan.

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