Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead


If you would like to join, enter Pooi345's clan chat. We are a clan of level 45s and up. The requirements are as follows:

  • 45 Combat and above/one 60+ Combat skill
  • Pickaxe, Axe, and/or Fishing Equipment
  • Free-to-play players ONLY.
  • Access to the Champions Guild
  • Expertise in Clan Wars


  • Our best player and all time leader, the one who beat zezima in pvp, the one and only--the S C I M-- our leader!<3
  • Commander: Pooi345
  • 2nd in Command: Magicpker356 and Tigerflesh
  • General: Terdy111
  • General: Djhallboy pl
  • General: Open(one spot)
  • Lieutenant: Own You3234
  • Lieutenant: Open(two spots)
  • Sergeant: Open(two spots)
  • Corporal: Open(six spots)
  • Private First Class: Open(twenty spots)
  • Private: Open(twenty spots)
  • Grunt: ∞(infinite)

Sign-up FormatEdit

Please use this format when joining:

Runescape Username: Aulemann

Combat lvl: 60

Attack: 48

Strength: 51

Defence: 47

Hitpoints: 49




Total lvl: 710

All f2p quests complete

Status: non-member

Runescape Username:Pink_Naisto

Combat lvl: 78

Attack: 63

Strength: 64

Defence: 63

Hitpoints: 64




Total lvl: 1076

All f2p quests :completed yes all complet

Status: non-member - - - - please elt me join o.o pronto!!!!

Runescape Username: Ledgendary95

Combat lvl: 84

Attack: 66

Strength: 74

Defence: 61

Hitpoints: 69

Ranged: 56

Magic: 47

Prayer: 49

Total lvl: 836

All f2p quests completed

Status: non-member

runescape username kingchowder9

combat lvl 138

attack 99

str 99

def 99

ranged 99

magik 99

prayer 99

fishing 99

wc 99

total lvl 2376

used to be member

full corupt

2 bil gp

all quest completed

Runescape Username: Mathnerd44

Combat lvl: 60

Attack: 50

Strength: 52

Defence: 49

Hitpoints: 50

Ranged: 34

Magic: 39

Prayer: 23

Total lvl: 640

All f2p quests completed!!!:)

Status: non-member

Runescape Username: T Ferrari1

Combat lvl: 57

Attack: 48

Strength: 48

Defence: 62

Hitpoints: 48

Ranged: 21

Magic: 43

Prayer: 22

Total lvl: 534

All F2P quests completed

Status: non-member

All requirements: Done

If I could, I'd wish to be a Lieutenant or general

Runescape Username: Killertoast6

Combat lvl: 65

Attack: 51

Strength: 55

Defence: 49

Hitpoints: 56

Ranged: 54

Magic: 52

Prayer: 41

Total lvl: 691

All F2P quests completed

Status: non-member

All requirements: Done

If I could, I'd wish to be a Lieutenant or general

Username: Eleara72

Combat lvl:59








Total lvl:670

All F2P quests: Done

All achievements: Done

Status: Non-Member

I'd really like to join your clan, please message me in game, if youll let me join. Thanks:D~ Eleara72

Runescape Username: hayther

Combat lvl: 57

Attack: 47

Strength: 48

Defence: 47

Hitpoints: 46

Ranged: 6

Magic: 9

Prayer: 25


Total lvl: 387

All f2p quests completed except for:prince ali rescue,shield of arrav,and witch's potion

Status: non-member

i'd loveeeee to join so plz message me on rs thnx :P

Runescape Username: ikill588

Combat lvl: 58

Attack: 47

Strength: 48

Defence: 50

Hitpoints: 48

Ranged: 11

Magic: 19

Prayer: 24


Total lvl: 487

All quests done but drangon slayer

Please add me i have been looking forever for a clan! Huge234 22:41, June 21, 2010 (UTC)

Runescape Username: K1ng 0f swe

nickname in rs: gfed tanker

combat lvl:77 getting 78

strange lvl: 68

attack lvl: 55

defence lvl: 51

hutpoints lvl: 74

ranged lvl: 83

magic lvl: 73

prayer lvl: 47

total lvls:1050

f2p or p2p: f2p

all quests done with out swept away, shield of arrav and myths of white lands

and thanks



I was not sure who to e-mail so im just posting on here that my clan Blade Bearers would like to merge with your clan, I can see that we both run our clans similar, so I'd like to ask you if you would merge with our clan. We have over 30 members (mostly F2P) and all of our members are serious about training and alike. E-mail me at

We have a website at if you want to check it out, fully made by me, so I could easily make one for the merged clan, thanks Skykeybearer 09:22, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

hey can i join

runescape name:jazo 23

attack level:42

strength level:44

defence level:43

range level:38

magic level:28

consitution level:45

mining level:77

woodcutting level:47

firemaking level:39

Lord Zeroid

hey can i join?

runescape name: Lord Zeroid

attack level:62
strength level:70
defence level:56
range level:67
magic level:62
consitution level:66
mining level:50
woodcutting level:62
firemaking level:63
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