Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead

Blue Dragons Logo

How to join Edit

You can add Knut Kir to your Friends list and so ask me. Anyone with 50 combat or higher can be a member of Blue Dragons

Blue Dragons
Channelowner iconFounders:
Knut Kir and Blue F B I
Home World
Rune armour if u have enaugh money to buy it.
Team cape
Team cape 46
Minimum Combat
50+ except the owner Blue F B I
F2P or P2P
it is a F2P clan, but Members can join.
Clan Chat
Blue F B I
Numbers of Members
The Elders and Ice Mountain Imperial Camp

Members Edit

  1. Blue F B I = Owner Channelowner icon
  2. Knut Kir = General General icon
  3. Zalokua = Corporal Corporal icon
  4. Tobiss11 = Lieutenant Lieutenant icon

Events Edit

name world
Pvp  ??
Clan Wars 141
Fist of Guthix  ??
Duell Arena 169
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