Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead


It all started out with Team Falcon.  Farcrusader was a Captain of Kaiser Blade, and since no one was in the Kaiser Blade clan chat, he went over to the Falcon Chat and complimented them on what a good clan they had.  They then asked him what clan he was in, and he told them he was a captain of Kaiser Blade.  The Falcon members immediately started laughing and called all of Kaiser Blade noobs and idiots.  Farcrusader responded by asking two members of Kaiser Blade:  Altair-Owns-U, and Isi eats my to go over to the team falcon chat and get back at them.  A flame war ensued between the members of Kaiser Blade and Team Falcon, and eventually everyone left the clan chat.  The next day, a falcon member called Sick Puppies went over to Kaiser Blade's forums and started spamming it up with "evidence" that Farcrusader had insulted Team Falcon, and song lyrics.  What Sick Puppies left out was the part where Team Falcon insulted Kaiser Blade.  Frightened by the thought of going to war with a clan like Team Falcon, Kaiser Blade's leaders quickly demoted Farcrusader and apologized to PsGalaxy91.  Farcrusader was furious with them and started a revolt.  The Blood Legion broke off from Kaiser Blade and they are at war now.  

We go to pvp, bounty hunter, and clan wars regularly, so if you join us, you can be guaranteed a good time killing people.  There are also no requirements, so anyone that is F2P can join!  So join. 


  1. Respect other clan members, especially higher ranked members.
  2. Always address a higher ranked clan member as "sir".
  3. DO NOT use highly offensive language.
  4. Always post at least twice a day on the forums, or else you will be considered inactive and will be kicked.  If you are going on vacation or something, please leave me an email or pm.  My email is:
  6. Always join the clan chat when you are on.

I know these are some strict rules, but this is a military clan, and we emphasize on organization, obedience, and honor.



  • Elite Hunters

Enemies Edit

  • Kaiser Blade
  • Team Falcon
  • Zerouhs Triumvirate
  • CIS


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