The Blade Wars Territory is a territory where the Blade Wars of three clans took place and is the birthplace and is the current territory of the Blade Bearers Clan. The three clans leaders included: Skykeybearer, Leader of the Blade Bearers, Wowwow62, Leader of the Stone Blades and Aussie Bomb, Leader of the Aussie Armor Clan. These three clans all fought against each other with great cost, but in the end no one stood victorious over the other clans. After the Blade War these eneimies signed an Oath (Named the Oath of the Blades) to never walk down the path to such corruption and war. A copy of the Oath is shown below:

Oath of the BladesEdit

Here is a copy of the Original Oath:

In all the clashing Blades and the cracking Armor, us three clans has slaughted our mates, allies and enemies in vain. In these Dark periods of history we are fighting over a argument that has never been argued, a reason to fight without a reason. This war is like a Blade, the Blade is completly innocent until the first heart has stopped dead just because of sight, this war has turned friends into enemies into murderers without a reason for the kill. All must come to peace and be buried into the ground to see the ravaged world and the pathetic fight for nothing. All must be stopped and we shall make a new Blade to start a new age, a new clan and a new world.

Aussie Bomb


  • The exact number in unknown but we know that over 3 million gold pieces were lost during the war and left all of the Clan's Banks broke.
  • The Oath of the Blades was actually declined by Aussie Bomb, but Aussie Bomb left RuneScape after the War and left his clan shattered and broken, but was signed by another meber on behalf of Aussie Bomb.
  • It is still unknown which of the two clans were the creators of the Oath.
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