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Black Dragons

Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead

The begining of The Black Dragons:

founder rex22neo, a lvl 90 pure f2p player, had begun a clan involving close friends. the clan was a lvl 70 plus clan, and was facing hard recruiting problems, and was very low in numbers.

the joining of kalvin700: one day, kalvin700 was drop training his fishing skill(back when giving free fish to people was the way to drop trade), when he came upon a lvl 26 account. the account(whose name i keep forgetting) was training in barbarian village, and i gave him a load of cooked food. little did kalvin700 know that the main of the account was rex22neo himself. when kalvin learned this, rex offered him a spot on the clan for his generosity and prominent skills at the time.

the rise of the black dragons: the clan had plenty more recruits by then and became a pking clan for f2p. and boy did they kick...some pants. their highest lvl consisted of a lvl 112 warrior, and the lowest being kalvin. rex22neo and kalvin became great friends.

the fall of the black dragons: as time went by, most of the clan went to college, leaving me(kalvin700) the youngest aged member of the clan as well. and then the clan died. kalvin700 grew prominantly over the years, although inactive through most of the time, yet never found a clan as strong as the black dragons were.

the resurection of the black dragons: in 2009, kalvin700 decided to build up the new black dragon clan, as he is the heir of the once mighty clan. he will keep the same clan rules but will keep a stronger base and try and open up much more than the former black dragons did. this is the start of a new, stronger clan.

clan activities. clan wars, duel arena, bounty hunter, pvp, group merchanting(for those who truly want to make gp), group cockroach soldier, slaying with lootshare

clan: black dragons
Channelowner iconFounders:
2005, refounded 2009
Whose clan chat?
Home Worlds
homeworld: world 3
Special uniforms?
We dont believe in uniform... freedom of expression man... just be ready for battle if we are in such situations
Minimum combat requirement
70+ or pure acounts with a 75+ combat skill
Team cape?
teamcape 12, the yellow one with an X
Level Requirement?
no skill requirements. but in runescape skills always help =]
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