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Binary Sunset is new clan, founded 2012/01/03, by Flatbutterr. We focus on PvM, Skilling, and sometimes PvP. We spend a lot of time together having fun events, PvM trips, Skilling contests.
Also we have atleast 2 official events, and 7 unofficial events in week. If you're interested to join in a friendly, serious community, with great future, then check out our website and apply, you Won’t Regret It
p2p (membership): required Combat level : 80 + Total level : 1000 +

At-least 1 year RS experience, and 1 stat 70+ Major activity in forums (atleast 14 posts per week, when joined)
Attend to 2 events (minimum)/ week

Clan world (p2p) - 67
Clan world (f2p) - 19
Friend chat : flatbutterr (untill 5 members)
Team cape - 48
Owner : Flatbutter

Owner: Flatbutter
Co-Owner: No one
High Council: no one
Council: no one
Event manager: no one

GWD (bandos, sara, zam, arma, nex)
Dagannoth Kings
Chaos Elemental
Kalphite Queen
and more...
Pest Control
Castle Wars
Stealing Creation
Fun Clan-wars
Fun Pking
Barbarian Assault
TzHaar Fight Pit
Burthorpe Games Room
Skilling contests
Duel arena contests (boxing)
Duel arena contests (armour, weps on.)


Q: How long it will take to accept/deciline my application?
A: 1 - 24 hours.


Q: Can i join if i dont have the skill/combat requirements?
A: Yes, but you'll have "trial member" status, until you get all the requirements


Q: If i get decilined, can i join again?
A: Yes (after 1 week)

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