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As this clan is reportedly a 'scamming' clan, We do not take responsibility if your items are scammed by them. Join at your own risk.

Merchant clan Edit

The best Runescape merchant clan in all of Runescape is Be_Mercher! We are always recruiting and anyone can join. To join, just type in "be mercher" in clan chat name. We are so popular that we regularly fill up one clan chat, thats why we another clan also related to Be_mercher so if it's full, just join "be mercher 2" our other chat! Overall, be mercher controls nearly 21 billion gp across our 400+ members. The best thing is that we are a free to play merchant clan, so no one gets left out!

However, there is a high turnover rate of members, as many new members not understanding the risks of merching, especially on a merching clan. Usual results will end up with most people declaring losses, as with most typical merchant clans who recruit mass members without close scrutiny of player checks.

The leader, "Be_mercher" lives in a timezone of GMT +2, and most events such as drop parties, and minigames such as Fist of Guthix or Clan Wars are held around 6pm of that time. To gain ranks in Be Mercher, one will have to advertise people to join the clan. Everyone who is not ranked will be muted from the clan channel. This is partially effective to stopping auto speak macros in spamming members with confusing information, such as dumping items fast. However, this does blackfire, as not even generals have access to kick members, so unhappy 'ranked' members may spam the clan channel with ads from rival merchanting clans, or to fake dumping instructions. Note: Be mercher (and his main, Arad T) does not speak english as his first language so news updates can be confusing at times.

Rival merching clan of "Be_mercher" is "We make Gp." They are close rivals, as the current items are closely related, with "Be_mercher" dumping uncut emeralds at 2k, and "We make gp" dumping uncut sapphires at 1.8k.

-Note, this clan is now DEAD, that means they're no longer any members belonging to this clan.

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