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Members of the clan should know where to find several quotes from the chat. Here are a few to sample:

  • "Sailing@@@@@@@@@@" - Everyone
  • "Shall I hit you with a dead gull?!" - Kayteen7
  • "Wait, Lawuser is Danish?" - Weirdo
  • "Heal pl0x!!!"/"Healz!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@" - spouted every 10 seconds while somebody is doing the Fight Caves or Barrows
  • "Your mom!!11!!1!1111111!!11" - Anyone
Fat monster

An example of the insanity in BZPChat.

  • "Your mother was a hampster..." [pause] "and your father was your mother!" - Kayteen7
  • "Noob." - Used by everyone, everywhere, all the time
  • "Omnomnom i eet ur monkfishez kk" - ExoMalakai (who said it simply so he could post it on here... yes, I caught you.)
  • "Guthan you rug munch!" - Reload217
  • "Z0mg, Turd age pl8!11111!!111111" - Kardas58
Third Age

The Fabled turd age Platebody

  • "Wtf, hit@@@@@@@@@@@" - Weirdo
  • "Hax!" - Used among Reload, Exo, Ice, Kardas, Kayteen and Lawuser
  • "I swear she was dead when I got there" - Toa of Vahki
  • "And you are the shining light in my life... Come... Let us lay" - Toa of Vahki after Taka said he was funny.
  • "Fat monster, you fat monster! Give me fat monster!" - Kardas58/Kayteen7
  • (After Weirdo found out Lawuser was Danish) "Oh, so that's what you and Kay have been speaking all this time..."
  • "Noob cape ttrim" - Kardas58, when Lawuser got 99 Attack
  • "They feed you lies and bring you paaaaaaaain!" - Typically frowned upon Greek Emo *loljagexfilterlol*, but it has become a part of BZPChat. -ExoMalakai
  • "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" - Applies mostly to Eeyorerox10 and Catfish, who could go on forever like that.
  • "I want yew long... I'd also like a yew longbow." - TOV
  • "I came." - Kayteen7
  • "I think it's nice that Kay got a cooking cape. I guess it makes up for the fact that no one loves him" - TOV not being seroius.
  • "Corsam is the medical wonder that survived the abortion -.-'" - Kayteen7
  • "So ah herd u liek being dead kthx." - Exo Malakai
  • "You know, the bug three, me, Kay, and Kard?" - Lawsy
  • "Oh sweet Jebus." - TOV
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