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Atlantis Academy
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Flag of Brazil.svg 75
Type of Clan
Social, Friendly, Skilller P2P/F2P.
Owner clan rank Mort Dartor Deputyownerclanrank REIT0R, Caneta, PAOcomOVOxX
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Atlantis Academy - The preparation Edit

Atlantis Academy is a clan created to be an preparation to people who want to join Atlantis, but don't have the requirements. Actually, the clan is growing quickly enough to be considered an good one, already having an citadel at tier 5 and more than 300 members.

Founders Edit

  • Pedim
  • Mort Dartor
  • Cara do Rock

History Edit

The Academy was idealized in a meeting of the admin, by Mort Dartor. Supported by the others, Pedim and Cara do Rock did helped Dartor to create the clan with some other fakes. In the beginning, it didn't stayed in a right way, and was abandoned quickly. But after some time, Mort Dartor decided to invest more in the clan and it started to grow and now became one of expressive clans in the brazilian/portuguese community.

Citadel Edit

As in the main clan, the citadel is very important to the Academy. Some time after the creation, REIT0R joined the clan, and Caneta decided to help it in a directly way. The result was an clan in constant growing as the citadel do, and it have already tier 5.

Clan Marks Edit

With less than six months of reopenned, the Academy reached 1b EXP and is in the way to get 2b right now.


Sign Rank Requeriments
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.00.58) Recruit Mute rank
Corporal icon Corporal 1k- Total Rank
Sergeant icon Sergeant 1k+ Total Rank
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.05.03) Lieutenant 4m EXP + Citadel^
Captain icon Captain 8m EXP + Citadel^
General icon General 12m EXP + Citadel^

^ EXP made while in the clan.

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