Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead

Hi, I am Kenneth0830, this is the first time i am recruting my own clan. My combat level is 89, if you're interested than please try joining my new clan. My captain will be Cedricx 123 and 0403012, so they'll help you as a member of my clan, because most of the time I won't be loggin in. Our motto is "co-operate", because without teamwork we won't get a thing done.

Our activities includes: Pk in pvp worlds, killing some high leveled monsters, clan wars, skill leveling......

Our rules:

1. No offensive language.

2. No bullying.

3. Try to listen to the order of either me or the captains.

4. Able to solve conflicts when there are arguments between ourself or other clans.

5. Logged in at least once a week

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