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Clan: Army of the Olympians is a clan in progress. We have recently started and look to continue throughout time. We are a low leveled clan at the moment but wish to change that. We have around 10 people ready to join. At the time Aoto is looking for allies in case of war. Currently we are allies with AoS. We are p2p and f2p. We are an everything clan if you would like to call it that. We do events, meetings, and try to oppose wars.


  1. Last for a while
  2. Avoiding arguments and fighting
  3. Make Runescape fun
  4. Increase our combat levels
  5. To stay balanced

Current RosterEdit

  • Leader: Obashardi: level 102/109 - Ranged - Armadyl
  • Kaiser Chao: level 97/105 - Hybrid - Guthix
  • Koramon6: level 112/119 - Melee - Bandos Koramon6 is now leader of tbh.
  • Masterocool1: level 40 - Magic - Zamorak
  • Monkeyjo 13: level 23 - Magic - Zamorak
  • HamiR2D2
  • Kull477
  • Redwings1243


Clan:Army of Saradomin Leader: King Aeraes

War AssistanceEdit

Universal Triumvirate Clan: Army of Saradomin


Leader Obashardi has been in several clans and such. He has been with Clan: E L I T E and Clan: AoS. But finally he has decided to create his own clan, Army of the Olympians.

Current Clan InformationEdit

F2p meeting world: 14 P2p meeting world: Unactivated Meeting area: To be discussed Clan Uniform: Monk Robes (Must be worn to meetings) Clan Cape: Team 20

Clan RulesEdit

(Rules are highly enforced)

  1. No swearing. (If swearing is reported or spotted by "Obashardi" 1 strike will occur.)
  2. If a high ranking official tells you something you best do it with reason. (Disobeying occurs in 2 strikes.)
  3. Respect your fellow clan mates. (Abusing or mistreating a fellow clan mate will be 1-3 due to what occurs.)
  4. If you are logged on, you must be in the chat unless you are granted permission. (Breaking this rule will occur in 1 strike.)
  5. No Treason. (If treason occurs, it must be proven there is treason, once it is proven you will be banned.)

If any rules are broken you will be rewarded a strike, due to the rule broken. After 5 strikes you will be temporarily banned, or permanently banned.


The Bandos trip was somewhat a success. "Four" people showed up and thanks to them. We did not get anything good but three kills. One of our men died otherwise it would have been a different story.

Thank you for coming:Edit

  • Taproot
  • Hood Thug67
  • Obashardi
  • AoSstrfr00b
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