Yea yea, you've probably seen the other clan adverts. "Greatest clan, powerful, etc etc." Clan Armadyl aims to be a friendly and helpful clan. Skillers, combatants, and even people who just go on to talk are welcome. Armadyl is one of the lesser known gods in RuneScape, though I chose him because his name is cool. This clan has just started, but still aims to be the most helpful and friendliest, and you can help make that happen by joining. ( )

We accept F2P and P2P players, skillers and combatants. Of course, we have rules:

1) No spamming.

2) Try to be active.

3) Respect fellow members.

We also have sister clans which we will annouce during the course of some events such as Clan Wars, FOG, Barb Assult, etc.

So come join, and have some fun.

Leader: Ichigo Viet

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