Archmageddon is a top Runescape PvM clan. We welcome people who are new to the Runescape PvM scene and encourage friendliness, skilled PvM, and teamwork. The Archmageddon leader is Staritian Co-Owner: Bombass

Clan requirements:

#*#*#*#*# Skill requirements #~#~#~#~#: 

- 110+ Combat level 
- 80+ Attack, Strength, and Defence 
- 80+ Range and Magic 
- 67+ Summoning 
- 70+ Prayer (70 Prayer/ W King’s Ransom Quest) 

Skill levels that are not required, but are recommended for a good experience: 

- 88+ Herblore (Extremes)  - 95+ Prayer (Turmoil and Soul split) 

If you happen to have one or two stats missing and feel comfortable getting them within a two week period, please apply. We will grant you two weeks to get your skills up and help you along the way . 

We encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all requirements, our admins are lenient, and oftentimes certain requirements can be overlooked if you happen to have outstanding gear/skills in other areas. 

#~#~#~#~# Gear requirements: #~#~#~#~# 

We require you to have: 

At least one 80+ weapon (anything 80+ works. For example a Zaryte Bow or Royal Crossbow will suffice) for the combat style of your choice 


At least barrows (anything 70+) equipment in the corresponding combat style 

We WILL perform a gear check upon your admittance to the clan. If you do not meet the gear requirements at the time of acceptance, you have one week to get the necessary gear. 

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