"We hunt to kill." --Niko1066 01:10, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

Have you ever wanted to slay monsters that could maybe kill level 90 players? If you do, please join our clan, we hunt down the undead of the wilderness to make it safer for other players to do all the things they need to do.

Requirements Edit

The only requirement you would need to join is that you are able to kill one type of undead monster near your level (it does not matter if you can solo it or take it head on with a group). What this clan also does is track down undeads, and is an information center for how to hunt, and kill these powerful monsters. You must have brought a team 6 cape to hunting trips or given one by the owner to participate in Undead hunting events. The reason we say this is to distinguish between clan members and other people in wildy(if there is a possibility in the first place).You will learn how to kill all kinds of undead.

Clan Ranking Edit

Combat level 20 and under: Novice hunter

Combat level 30-40: Sergeant

Combat level 41-60: Hunter

Combat level 61-89: Captain

Combat level 90 and higher: General

Clan Contact Edit

If you need to contact the leader of this clan on Runescape Clan Wikia, or Runescape Ltd. Online, please contact Niko1066, or enter his clan chat. If he is not online, this means his is currently unavailable. If you need asistance please contact 5Sub zero5.

Schedule Edit

On Saturdays and Sundays And on school breaks. Our base is located next to the Grand exchange.

Original Clan Members Edit

These are our members:

Ouch1066 (Captain)

Bomber 1066 (General)

Z killer1066 (general:highest level member)

Odd red1066 (Seargant)

Smasher1066 (Hunter)

Pharoh1066 (Hunter)

Drunken1066 (General)

Niko1066 (Clan Owner)

5Sub zero5 (Clan Staff)

Rules Edit

1. Never, ever, ever go on an Undead Trip without a Team Cape.

2. Do not kill any team members.

3. Do not scam team members in any way.

4. Offensive language is NOT allowed. (does not matter if blocked or not)

5. Always help a badly damaged member no matter what you are currently doing!

6. Generals do have the right to kick out members of the clan that are misbehaving, but doing so purposely will find yourself being banned forever from the clan.

Main Worlds Edit

The Main worlds that we go on for events are currently:

World 2(for P2P players)

World 1(for F2P players)

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