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Ancient Renegade Knights (ARK) Was founded by G_eru and co founded by Honestdonkey. We are a clan that's for Everyone (skillers and pures welcome!) Homeworld 11(F2P) 130(P2P) Cape: Purple Cape (the f2p one or cloak you pick)


  • Generals ability to wear Rune armor
    • (some acceptions)
  • Combat level 20+ Unless a skiller (talk to a General if not sure)and a skill above lvl 35
  • 30+ Quest points
  • 200+ Total level (some acceptions)


  • Follow all the rules That are for Runescape.
    • No scamming ANYONE.
    • No killing clan members unless they let you.

Ranking SystemEdit


How To JoinEdit

Come to "Ark Cc" and you'll be asked a few questions, but not personal ones and we'll accept you

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