At the shrine of Al Kharid, the last of our people gather, praying for strength and direction. Many stories are passed down from generations, as far as our ancestors can remember, about how we were once a proud people. A dominant force, a fearful leader, and a powerful nation, like no other

But one story in particular, tells of a new era. Legend has it, that Ra and Amun, the Creator Gods, will send down a mighty Pharoah, blessed by all the gods, to take rule of our struggling kingdom. And in 7 years, 7 more Gods will come, from the heavens, in our time of need. The Gods will be reincarnated in human flesh. Sekhmet, the rutheless Godd of War, and protector of pharoahs, will be reborn in the body of a man, and will lead our Empire to the brink of greatness, through warfare. Hathor, The Goddess of Love, and Joy, and twin sister of Sekhmet, will keep our people happy, and entertained. Thoth, the God of Endless Wisdom, will teach our communities, and educate men on all subjects. Ma'at, the God of Justice, will keep our people in order, and ou enemies at bay, while handling foreign affairs, and obligations. Geb, the God of Earth, will provide and supply all materials needed for current and future use. Nut, the Goddess of the Sky, and sister of Geb, will keep us in contact with all other Gods in the heavens above. With the help of the God's, and their infinite power, our people will rise once more.

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