A Bene Placito

A Bene Placito

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A Bene Placito
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Type of Clan
social/casual, relaxed, P2P only
Band1 Playa, Sir Goreth
90+ combat OR 1750+ total level
# of Members
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We are looking for someone to help make a logo! If you think you can help with this, please contact either Sir Goreth or Band1 Playa in game, or via this wikia.

We are definitely looking for recruits at the moment, who can help in reviving the group.

A Bene Placito Edit

General Information Edit

A Bene Placito is a latin term meaning "at one's pleasure." From this one idea we have most of our policies, knowing that you all have problems and time in real life, which should always come before Runescape. Because of this, citadel capping, following events, bumping the forum, and attending meetings are all not mandatory. We are first a social clan, and want this to be an easygoing and friendly chat.

Citadel Edit

citadel work Edit

In A Bene Placito, we understand that you have a life outside of Runescape, and we do not make it mandatory for anyone to cap in the citadel. As our name suggests, we are a relaxed clan, and voluntary assistance is more easily appreciated than forced labor, with the threat of removing people who cannot or will not help at the citadel. If a player does choose to skill at the citadel, it will be noticed and appreciated. PLEASE TELL AN ADMIN RANK+ IF YOU HAVE CAPPED.

Citadel Stats: Edit

Reset date: Wednesday, time changes slightly every week. Edit

Current buildings Edit

  • Tier 1 stronghold
  • Tier 1 storehouse
  • Tier 1 woodcutter
  • Tier 2 mine
  • Tier 1 battlefield

Accessories Edit

  • basic topiary
  • basic avatar habitat

Current upgrade projects (upgrade set December 17) Edit

  • Tier 2 Stronghold

History Edit

  • Clan is formed: 12 April 2011
  • Clan starts to die: somewhere between 2011 and 2012
  • leaders begin to leave the clan, people go inactive
  • First clan revival (Sir Goreth's return, begins to recruit members only): August 2014
  • Forum thread created: 20 July 2014
  • Logo obtained (for Runescape forum): 26 August 2014
  • Tier 2 citadel (and basic topiary): 19 November 2014
  • Runescapeclans wikia page created: 13 December 2014
  • Tier 2 storage, woodcutter, and mine: 17 December 2014
  • Entry requirements changed from 80+ cb (or) 1250+ ttl lvl to 90+ cb (or) 1750+ ttl lvl: 21 December 2014
  • Home world changed from 22 to 84
  • clan starts to decline, second clan revival begins, citadel becomes dilapidated and reverts to tier 1 (avatar habitat kept) April 2015

Help needed Edit

-looking for someone to assist in clan as an events leader, as well as someone to keep this page updated and create a logo for us. Please contact Sir Goreth in Runescape if you wish to join and assist in this manner

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