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Clan Knight Mare Trailer

Clan Knight Mare Trailer

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Clan Knight Mare has had many good times it has had many victories and losses but as all good things must do they must come to and end so following that rule it ended and was long forgotten it's leader now The Excel decided to reform it believing that it died too soon and also believing that it could come back and finally take back what it lost, it's power. Thou to keep from having any conflicts with other clans possibly claiming to be Knight Mare it will be called Thee Lost Knight Mare. Seeing as it was lost Dark Orb 3 finds it quite fitting. Thank you for reading a brief story and we mean very brief story of Knight Mare and a little about it's past. If you would like to join fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP or instead come to our cc tlkmfs and just ask. If you would like to read more about us visit our website and go to the page containing the info that you seek


  1. To become a diverse and widely accepted clan.
  2. End discrimination in RuneScape.
  3. Combine all different types of players into one friendly community.


  1. No Spamming.
  2. No disrespecting other members.
  3. Always welcome new members and guests.
  4. No breaking Jagex rules.
  5. Maintain a calm and collected attitude.
  6. Listen to those in authority over you.


Our cc is "tlkmfs"


Glitch at Knight Mare Castle Wars event

Excel @ Castle wars event experiencing a glitch

The clan has had many castle wars events. At this one inparticular there was a glitch with a floating curse prayer just hovering on the wall for the entire game.

Final ChapterEdit

After little sucess the clan Disbanded and was reformed under the Crusaders.



Uniforms aren't mandatory.

Member Leader/General
F2P Black Chain Armour Black Full Armour
P2P White Chain Armour White Full Armour

Clan Structure

  • Main Leader
    • All Generals
    • P2P Leader
      • All P2P Members
    • F2P Leader
      • All F2P Members

Current Lineup

  • Dark Orb 3
    • Bellack13
    • L rangeyou L
    • Life Forcez
      • () P2P Members
    • Tantheman426
      • () F2P Members

Rank System

Ranks A.K.A.
Generals People in charge/People with important duity Leaders
Captain People that have been with the clan for a while and are trusted Mods
Lieutenant Elected Officials Represenatives
Sergeant Champions of the Clan (Approved by leader) Champions
Corporal 60+ Combat Members (H)
Recruit 59- Combat Members (L)

Union (AKA Dark Empire)

Dark Empire

Dark Empire Seal

About The Union

Knight Mare was originally just a Clan but now sees much more potential in also making itself have a Union component where it helps other Clans and does much more than a normal Clan. Knight Mare believes this is one of few or only Fellowship that has ever done something like this.


The advantages of doing this follow

  1. We have the ability to have our own armies.
  2. We can better understand Clan crisis.
  3. We have a stronger back bone with more people influencing how the Union is run.
  4. We can provide atleast 1 clan in a war no matter what.
  5. This provides better linkage between our Union and our Clan.

Board of Directors

The Knight Mare Union (Dark Empire) is composed of 2 representatives from each clan to form a board of directors. Using a Board of Directors insures that each clan has a vote in what the Union does.

Board of Directors:

Leader: The Excel
Clan Chat: TLKMFS
Dark Empire

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