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Many clans have Boss Monster Hunting as a regular event. This can be to try to get a good drop, to improve teamwork or just for fun. Usually, a group of 5-10 players will go to one of these events depending on the difficulty of the boss.

King Black DragonEdit

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A very common monster hunted is the King Black Dragon. This is because it is quite easy to kill, and many kills can be made each trip. It is usually killed for profit, as it drops the draconic vsage, which is worth alot to a large clan. Most people melee the King Black Dragon, as the shield slot is taken by an anti-dragonfire shield, meaning no two-handed bows can be used. However, some rangers will use a rune crossbow, as it is one-handed. Magic is rarely used, due to it's ineffectiveness against dragons.

Kalphite QueenEdit

Main article: Kalphite Queen Hunting

Another less commonly hunted monster is the Kalphite Queen. It is harder to kill than onther monsters because it has two forms. The first uses Protect from Missiles and Magic, and the second uses Protect from Melee. Because of this, players have to bring two sets of combat equipment, one for each form. Player who have the right level will bring Verac's. The advantage of Verac's is that it can hit through prayers, meaning no second combat equipment is needed.

God Wars DungeonEdit

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A commonly visited area is the God Wars Dungeon. The monsters in this area are very high levelled, but the drops obtained from killing the monsters are worth a lot of money. As the monsters are almost impossible to solo, people often go in teams. A level of 60 Strength or Agility is needed to enter, as well as other levels required to get into other parts of the dungeon. The God Wars Dungeon is often only ever attempted by higher levelled clans.

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