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Barbarian Assault is a team-based combat Activity located at the Barbarian Outpost. A team of five players must work together to battle 10 waves of Penance and on to finally defeat the Penance Queen. World 6, 67 and 71 are dedicated to Barbarian Assault, and it is recommended that players find their teammates here.

There are no requirements, but the higher the Hitpoints and Defence levels are, the more likely the player will survive. Additionally, a high Agility level is helpful as certain roles (such as Defender and Collector) involves a lot of running.

This is a safe activity, so players will NOT lose any items if they die.

Starting off

Players can get to Barbarian Outpost by using Games necklace.

Go to the Barbarian Outpost and talk to Captain Cain to begin the tutorial. After watching all of the lessons, players will need to deposit all of their runes and arrows. The Outpost only has a deposit box, so players may need to use another bank to gather supplies. It is recommended that players empty their inventory, ridding themselves of everything, except armour and a good weapon. If the player plans to be a Melee Attacker, they must take a weapon that can attack Accurately, Defensively, Aggressively, and Controlled. Ranged and Magic Attackers need not worry, because arrows and runes are provided in the game. Prayer cannot be used. Capes cannot be worn either.

There are 10 waves of Barbarian Assault, and players must play them in order. To start playing, go into the basement of the Barbarian Assault lobby. There are a total of 11 rooms in here, one for each wave, as well as a "Quickstart" room. Enter the room with a 1 on it (at the far left-hand corner) or the "Quickstart" room (the large room marked with an arrow).

Player roles

Unlike Castle Wars, Pest Control, and Trouble Brewing, players are bound to a specific role when they play Barbarian Assault. Each team has five players on it, and must have at least one player to each Role.

There is a coloured ring near the ground of each player corresponding their roles, this is for easy recognition. Interestingly, when ringed players are doing emotes or action that crouch their body, the ring appears vertical.

Role Colour Job
Attacker Red
  • Kill Penance Rangers
  • Kill Penance Fighters.
Collector Yellow
  • Gather eggs dropped by Penance monsters
  • Load eggs into the Egg Hopper.
Defender Blue
  • Lure Penance runners into Runner traps
  • Repair the traps
  • Build barricades near the entrances and exit
Healer Green
  • Heal allied players
  • Poison Penance Healers.

Note: Any player may fire the Egg Launcher. Firing the Egg Launcher will not cause the player (or the team) to lose Honour points. It is provided to assist teammates in need of help to kill Penance monsters that are out of their role.


The Numbered Rooms are, in the long run, more efficient point-earners than the Quickstart. Playing before the world is asleep will really affect how easy it is to get into a team.

Quickstart room

If players would like to begin playing immediately, they should enter the Quickstart room. (It is the large room marked with an arrow). This room is recommended for beginners, since players cannot be fired if they do not perform in their roles. Players have an option of 4 roles (Attacker, Collector, Defender, Healer, or "I'll do any role"). Once there is at least one person doing each role, and at least five people in the room, the game will start, using the lowest wave for the people playing.

Important: The player's progress will be reset to that lowest wave. (For example, if they were on Wave 10, and a teammate was on Wave 2, they would be reset to Wave 2. This is highly unrecommended, especially players with higher Wave progress.)

If a teammate is killed or leaves, all other players will start back on the wave that was played (even if they started with the Quickstart room). If the wave is completed, then the team will be able to advance to the next Wave after leaving the room. The team WILL stay together after finishing the first wave, unless a teammate exits, in which case the randomly selected leader can fill that spot or clear the team.

Numbered rooms: One to Ten

Each team may have 5 members, with one leader and four players. Since there are only four jobs, that means two players can be of the same job in one team at the same time.

To start a game in the numbered rooms, the player (as a Leader) must obtain a recruitment scroll from the table, and use it on 4 any other teammates. The teammate will then be able to choose their role, and the recruiting Leader will see their level in that role, and be able to accept (or decline) their offer. The recruiting Leader must also "write down" their own role. Not recruiting, and waiting for an open role, is only recommended if the player have a high combat level (60+), as recruiters tend to avoid players whom they think might die easily.

After each wave, the leader can decide whether or not to keep the team. If none of the teammates leave (or get fired), the next wave will automatically start after 30 seconds.

Recruiting examples

  • "[Role] here"
The player is willing to join a team as the said role.
  • "Lvl [#] [role] here"
The player is willing to join a team, and is experienced in the said role. The meaning of the numbers can be found here.
  • "[Role] must be to go"
The player is solo, willing to join as the said role, only if they are in the last slot.
  • "[Role] to go]"/"Need [Role]"
The player is leader of a group and needs the said role to start the next game.

Penance Creatures

There are four different types of Penance in each wave: Runners, Healers, Fighters, Rangers. All of them drop eggs when they are killed.

Penance Runner

It is unattackable by all kinds of combat except the eggs with the Egg machine. It aims at running to the other side (that is the cave the players appears near), and can be lured by a correct kind of bait. However, if it is lured by a wrong type of food, it will run backward and gives the chance for defenders for dropping the correct bait.

It can be killed by being lured to a runners trap, which is located at the east and the west side of the battlefield. Note that the trap needs to be repaired to be functioning from time to time.

Penance Healer

It is unattackable by all kinds of combat except the poisoned food given by the Healer or the eggs with the Egg machine. It aims at healing the Penance monsters and poisoning players who are allying with their army. If a wrong food is used, a penalty will be counted and no damage will be dealt.

Healers should take note on the poison, which will wear away after a period of time. Even though the 4-damage poison wears away slowly, it may hardly kill the Penance Healer sometimes. Healers can use the right kind of poisoned food on the poisoned Healer again, which also damages them.

Penance Fighter

It is attackable by the attacker with all kinds of combat, or the eggs with the Egg machine. It is not aggressive until Wave 5. Together with the Penance Ranger, it can deal a great amount of damage.

It may attack all the roles. So, all roles should be wearing a melee-resistant armour.

Penance Ranger

It is attackable by the attacker with all kinds of combat, or the eggs with the Egg machine. It is a threat in all Waves. Since it can range any roles for a quite long distance, it is suggested to kill those Ranger first.

A ranged-resistant armour would almost nullify the attack by the Rangers in the first few Waves.

Gameplay interface

The key to this game is teamwork and co-operation. If one teammate does not do their job, then the whole team will gain very little points (and possibly fail). The game ends when a teammate quits (by climbing up the ladder), logs out, or dies. Players do not lose any items when they die, but they do not keep anything that they acquired through the minigame. The object of the game is to defeat all of the Penance.


Everyone in the team will get a horn in their inventory to contact their teammates about what they should do. (Note: This is very important, as teammates will have to know what they have to do. As this changes constantly, players have to alert their teammates using the horn.)

The horn is separated into different functions. At the top right of the screen it comes in this layout for example.

Icon Action Example
Counter The current assault wave. Wave 1
EAR What have been told to DO. Use "Tofu" for bait.
MOUTH What to TELL through their horn. Right click the horn, and select "Tell-meat".
Horn The teammate for providing instructions. Healer


  • DO what is next to the EAR icon.
  • CALL out what is next to the MOUTH icon.

Depending upon the player's role, when right-clicked the horn will give options for what to tell to their teammate:

  • for Collectors - egg colours:
Default: Red
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green
  • for Healers - type of poisoned food:
Default: Tofu
    • Tofu
    • Meat
    • Worm
  • for Attackers - combat style:
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 3
    • Style 4

Note: For simplicity it appears as style N on the collector's interface and horn but shows the specific style on the attacker's interface.

  • for Defenders - type of food to lure with:
Default: Tofu
    • Tofu
    • Meat
    • Worm

In the above example, the Defender's Horn interface on the screen shows that the Defender needs to TELL (MOUTH icon) their teammate (Healer) to use "Poison meat" to kill the Penance Healers, by right-clicking the horn and selecting the "Tell-meat" option. The EAR icon shows what the teammate (Healer) is telling the Defender to DO: use "Tofu" as bait in order to lure Penance Runners to the trap.

Action items change about every 20-30 seconds; players will need to check the Horn interface for changes, and tell (using the Horn) their teammate of any changes as well. The actions change for all players simultaneously. Also, when the action changes, in the gap before instructions are received the horn interface will show three dashes: — — —. It is a good idea to use this as a warning sign that the action has changed and players need to call.


It is important to tell teammates what to do, as the player and the team will lose Honour points for every:

  • Wrong Attack style -
count of wrong attacks minus 1, for maximum penalty of 10. 11 or more wrong attacks have the same effect over team honour. When attackers attack wrong style, they suffer splash back damage of 2.
  • Runners that escaped -
count of runners passes through the lure cave * 3, for maximum penalty of 10. 4 or more escapes have the same effect over team honour. A single runner may escape several times, untill it is killed.
  • Wrong coloured-egg picked up -
count of exploded eggs is subtracted from number of eggs collected and decreases maximum of collected eggs to 60 minus number of exploded eggs. As the egg explodes it causes 5 damage to the Collector. Collector cannot provide negative honour for team directly, but only by calling wrong attack styles to attacker.
  • Wrong Poison used on a Penance Healer -
count of wrong poison packs used on penance healers divided by 4, rounded down, for maximum penalty of 10. 40 and more wrong poison packs used, have the same effect over team honour.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, the player (or the team) will not lose Honour points for using the Egg Launcher.

If the player needs healing, they need to right-click the Horn, and choose "Medic" to get the Healer's attention.


Healer Spring

The Healer Spring is located at the left hand bottom corner of the battlefield, just west of the machines (see below). It can only be used by the Healers. Healers can fill their vials or directly drink from it.

The filled vials have four doses and can be used on any other roles to heal them. Note that the amount of hitpoint healing depends on the Healers' level, ranging from 10 to 30. Directly drinking from the spring will heal the Healer. The healing liquid would restore both hitpoints and energy, so it might be quite important to fill the energy of Collectors and Defenders.


The machines located at the bottom of the battlefield (near where players appear) provides the necessities for all the roles.

  • The yellow Collector machine will convert the coloured eggs into the other styles.
  • The green Healer machine will provide :
    • Healer Vial (1 only for each healer)
    • Poisoned worms
    • Poisoned tofu
    • Poisoned meat
  • The blue Defended machine will provide :
    • Worms
    • Tofu
    • Crackers
  • The red Attacked machine will provide runes and arrows a Attacker needs.

Horn of Glory

In addition to the individual horns each teammate has, there is also the Horn of Glory. This large horn is situated in the right bottom corner of the battlefield, and can be used to contact everyone at once. If a player often forgets to "call", this horn can be used by ANYONE to tell ANY teammate what they have to do. However, it will be unusable when the Penance Queen appears.

Egg Launcher

In regular waves, the Collector usually collects eggs and loads them into the Egg Hopper. Once this is done, the Egg Launcher can be used to damage Penance creatures. Any coloured eggs can used, but each colour has a specific function:

  • Blue eggs: to stun for a few seconds
  • Red eggs: to damage (3 damage, and 1 splash damage)
  • Green eggs: to poison (1 damage per hit)

Any team member is able to use the Egg Launcher, providing there are eggs in the Egg Hopper. And, contrary to popular opinion, firing the Egg Launcher does not reduce any individual (or team) Honour points for that wave. Therefore, the egg launcher can be used to help a teammate who is having trouble with his role.

In Wave 10, after the Penance Queen makes an appearance, the Egg Launcher must be used to killed the Queen. For this, the team makes Omega Eggs (using Yellow eggs), and the Collector loads these in the Egg Hopper. Similarly, any team member can use the Egg Launcher to fire the Omega Eggs that damages the Queen. As this is the only way to damage to Queen, the Egg Launcher plays an important role in the final wave, compared to other regular waves where it is often neglected.

Job Summaries


Colour: Red
Difficulty on regular waves: 3
Difficulty on Queen waves: 4
Calls to: Collector

The Attacker's job is to kill the Penance Fighters and Penance Rangers. Runes and arrows are available from the Attacker machine near the entrance.

The creatures can only be hurt by one type of attack at any given time. Using the wrong attack will cause the player to lose 2 hitpoints, and hit no damage. The Collector will tell the Attacker which attack the creatures are vulnerable to, with their horn. Fast weapons like scimitars and shortbows dispose of the creatures quickly, but slower weapons like battleaxes and longbows give more time to change attack styles and avoid penalties. Having a high Combat level as an Attacker is a significant advantage in the game.

The four attack styles are:

  • Style 1: Controlled/Wind/Bronze
  • Style 2: Accurate/Water/Iron
  • Style 3: Aggressive/Earth/Steel
  • Style 4: Defensive/Fire/Mithril

Note: The attack styles are ordered as following: Melee/Magic/Ranged. Tip: When the attack style changes attackers should immediately click away, lest they suffer penalties and splash damage.


Colour: Yellow
Difficulty on regular waves: 3
Difficulty on Queen waves: 1
Calls to: Attacker

Note: This role is not recommended for players with red-green color blindness.

The Collector's job is to gather eggs dropped by killed Penance creatures. The Collector loads these eggs into the Egg Hopper, which then allows any teammate to fire the Egg Launcher.

There are three different coloured eggs: Red, Blue, and Green. At any given time, only one colour of egg can be picked up. The egg will explode if the player picks up the wrong-coloured egg, reducing the total numbers of eggs collected by 1. The Attacker will tell the Collector which colour to pick up using their horn. The Collector is also given an Egg Collector Bag to store the eggs in, but the eggs can also be stored in the inventory.

While on the final wave (Wave 10; before the Penance Queen makes an appearance), the Collector's role is by far the easiest. During this wave, it is not necessary for the Collector to pick up any eggs, as the Collector will receive 80 points regardless. Therefore, many Collectors on the final wave will camp at the Horn of Glory, calling out commands for everyone else. (Note: The Horn of Glory will become inaccessible after the Queen emerges.)


Colour: Blue
Difficulty on regular waves: 5
Difficulty on Queen waves: 2
Calls to: Healer

The Defender's job is to prevent Penance Runners from reaching the other end of the playing field. This is done by laying bait on the ground leading towards traps, so that the Runners will follow the food trail and get caught and killed in those traps. Bait can be obtained from the Defender machine near the entrance.

There are three types of bait: Worms, Tofu, and Crackers. Penance Runners will be attracted to all food types, no matter which one is called. However, the Penance Runner must eat the correct food type at the trap in order to be killed. The whole team will lose three honour points for each Runner that manages to escape. Thus, it is the Defender's duties to make sure that this does not happen too often (or at all). The Defender typically has an easy job on the final wave. As there are no penalties on Wave 10, there is less pressure to stop Runners from escaping.

Strategy Tip: It is recommended to scatter as much bait as possible around the playing field (mainly around the middle) so that Runners will constantly eat the incorrect type of bait and get sent back a few steps towards their entrance. As long as no Runners reach the other side, the Defender (and the team) will get full points, it does not matter if the Runners are killed by team members through the egg cannons.

Strategy Tip 2: If there is a large pile of bait on one square, the Runner will eat what is at the top. Therefore it would be strategic to place large amounts of bait (of all types) on the traps but making sure the correct bait is the last bait to be placed.

A hammer and two logs respawn at the north end of the battlefield. These are used to repair the traps (as each trap can only kill two Runners before it breaks), and build barricades at the entrances. Barricades stop the Penance creatures from appearing for a few seconds. Building barricades is usually not worth the trouble, since they delay the team (including the Defender) from performing their roles effectively. The Defender is better off concentrating on laying bait.


Colour: Green
Difficulty on regular waves: 4
Difficulty on Queen waves: 5
Calls to: Defender

The Healer's job is to heal their teammates with a vial from the healer spring, and use poisoned food on the Penance Healers. Poisoned food, and a healing vial can be found in the Healer machine near the entrance. The Healer can heal themselves by drinking from the spring to recover Hitpoints and cure poison. To heal teammates, the Healer must use the healing vial on the spring to fill it, then use the vial on the teammate. Another option is to right click on the healer spring and select take-from.

Healing also replenishes run energy, so that it is good idea to heal teammates often. This allows them to run longer. This is especially important for the Defender and the Collector. To make the Healer's job a little easier, the Healer has an extra element in their interface at the bottom of the screen that displays the health of each teammate. If a teammate uses the "Medic" option on their horn, it will cause a red cross to flash next to their HP, and this won't stop flashing until that teammate is healed.

Poisoned food can be used on Penance Healers to poison them with damage starting at 4 damage. In general 2 to 4 poison packs are required to kill the a Penance healer. However, due to the nature of poison, as it wears off the damage with become diminished so it is advised to use more. The Penance Healers can poison teammates (including the Healer) with damage starting at 2 points per hit. The poison is also cured when a player is healed. Poisoned food can be obtained from the Healer machine near the entrance. Note when penance healers are poisoned the poison appears to hit more often than normal.

There are three types of poisoned food: Poisoned worms, Poisoned tofu, and Poisoned meat. The Healer should use the correct type of poisoned food told by the Defender. This will change as time goes on. If the wrong type of food is used no damage will be dealt. With the healer calling to the defender annd the Defender using similar types of bait (see above) it is possible to be a bit confused.

Wave 10: The Penance Queen

After the team gets through 9 waves, the team is able to fight the Penance Queen in Wave 10. The Queen is impervious to normal attack, and can only be killed with Omega eggs. (see below)

The wave begins as any other wave, but players will notice that the battlefield is not similar to the battlefields in Waves 1 through 9. There is only one Egg Launcher instead of two. There are also poison springs, lava craters, and spiked mushrooms dotted around the edges of the battlefield. Players will also notice that the levels of the Penance creatures have reduced levels compared to the creatures in Wave 9.

The Penance Fighters, Rangers, Healers, and Runners must be defeated by the team before they can start damaging the Penance Queen. So, it is best to defeat the Penance creatures as quickly as possible, before the Penance Queen actually appears. (Note: There are no penalties for runners that escape, for wrong poison types, and for wrong attack styles.)

When the Penance Queen does appear, she will be a Level 209. The Queen has a long-distance Magic attack that simultaneously hits all five team members, and can potentially inflict over 20 damage. She will be accompanied by Level 63 Queen Spawns, which can be defeated by any team member with any attack style.

Upon arrival of the Queen, the team should start making Omega eggs. Around 8-12 Omega eggs are needed to kill the Penance Queen.

  • The Collector gathers Yellow eggs that the Queen drops. The eggs are passed ("Use" option) to the Healer.
  • The Healer dunks the eggs in the poison springs. Once done, the eggs are given to the Attacker.
  • The Attacker adds spikes to the eggs from the spiked mushrooms. The eggs are passed along to the Defender.
  • The Defender dunks the eggs in the lava craters, and hands them back to the Collector.
  • The Collector places them in the Egg Hopper, and the Egg Launcher is ready to be fired.
    • Remember the order: CHAD - Collector, Healer, Attacker, Defender, and back to the Collector.
    • Or, remember with colours: Yellow-Green-Red-Blue-Yellow.

Once the Omega eggs are loaded, any team member can start shooting the Penance Queen. Each hit damages the Queen by about 30+ damage. Keep hitting with Omega eggs until the Queen is killed.

When fighting the Penance Queen, the Healer probably has the most work to do - teammates will need far more healing than in earlier waves as they have to make the Omega eggs, and perform their usual roles as well. For this reason, it is recommended that the fifth member of the team be an extra Healer. Even if the Healer is experienced and is a level 5 Healer; having an extra Healer is still recommended.

Equipment strategy

There are some advantages and disadvantages to different types of weapons and armour while playing Barbarian Assault.

Rune, Dragonhide or Granite armour is recommended. Of these, Rune is a better candidate for Waves 1-9, as all damage received will be either Melee or Range. The Queen in Wave 10 attacks with Magic, and her spawn use Melee, so granite is recommended for this wave.

Example equipment for melee:

  • Berserker helm or Helm of Neitiznot
  • Granite body, Fighter torso or Rune platebody
  • Dragon longsword or Dragon scimitar (No Abyssal whip!)
  • Obsidian shield or Dragon sq shield
  • Rune platelegs or Dragon platelegs
  • Climbing boots, Dragon boots, Boots of lightness or Rune boots
  • Full Guthan's can be very useful in the later waves, particularly wave 10, due to it's healing ability.
  • (Note that it is not beneficial to wield a Rune Defender, as the Obsidian Shield will give the same strength bonus. In BA, attacking with the correct combat style never misses, so the attack bonus of the Rune Defender is pointless, whereas the high ranging defence of the Obsidian Shield is very helpful.)

Example equipment for maging:

  • Full void knight robes with void magic helm or Ahrim's robes
  • Mystic air staff
  • Dragon boots, Boots of lightness or Runner boots
  • God book or Mage's book

Example equipment for ranging:

  • Full Black dragonhide armour with Archer helm or Armadyl armour
  • Magic bow or Dark bow
  • Ranger boots, Boots of lightness or Runner boots

Gameplay strategy

The game is not as straightforward as it sounds, and there are many ways your team can maximize the points earned. The following strategies outline some tactics for your team to earn high points each round, but remember the basic rule: Always call out the correct action each time it changes. If you don't call, you and your teammates get penalized. Note that every person has a different way of playing and as such this strategy should not be considered the only way to play.


Although using a slower weapon may hinder your ability to kill quickly, it helps prevent penalties due to incorrect attack styles, since you usually cannot stop fast weapons quickly enough when the attack styles change. Auto-retaliate should also be turned off to prevent accidental incorrect attacks. Killing monsters slowly also allows the collector to collect all the eggs before they disappear.

Lower-leveled players should remember to use a shield so you don't die easily. High leveled players can also bring a set of Guthans for emergency healing when the healers are busy healing other near-death players. (When healing, you can only use the controlled or defensive styles. However, if it is a real emergency, you can use the spear when the attack styles are accurate or aggressive. You still get healed even if you don't do damage, but it costs your team honour points.)

After you kill most of the the monsters, gather near the healing pool and allow the healer to replenish your HP as you get hit for more honour points per round. in wave 10, you can switch to a faster weapon because there are no penalties. The attacker level does not matter much, since the damage still depends on your strength level.

Remember to call out when it changes if you want the collector to call back. Attackers should always try and have the horn menu open on right-click, when the attack type changes clicking the egg colour will stop attacks.


It is recommended that the honour points earned in this role NOT be used to level up your collector level, since most players consider higher collector levels all but useless. However keep in mind that at level 2 you get access to egg converter, and the higher role level, the more eggs you can gather in Collection bag.

By collecting as many eggs as possible, you earn honour points, so collect blue eggs anyway even if they have no practical use. Call out to the attacker when the style changes if you want the egg colour called to you. When you have 5+ poison and explosive eggs, deposit into the egg launcher for the defender and other idle teammates to use against the penance runners. If you have a full inventory but cannot deposit into the egg launcher since it's full, use the egg converter to rid yourself of most of your eggs. This is another reason why you should not level up your collector level; the egg destruction method works best at level 2. You cannot use egg converter when level 1 collector. During gameplay, it is important that the egg launcher be used to kill runners whenever possible, to prevent high penalties of runners gotten away. This is valid only if defender has problems with luring runners to trap(s).

The egg launcher looks virtually useless against other monsters (Except omega eggs by the Penance Queen) due to their high HP, however if they are being hit by a large amount of poison or explosive eggs, coupled with attackers and/or healers, it would do considerable damage. If the penance are grouped together as attacking penance often do, hitting one will cause a area effect damage hitting them all. During wave 10, before the queen comes you can stand at the horn of glory to call out, and it would be great if red eggs are deposited into the hopper to kill runners since you cannot attack the queen unless they are all killed.

There are times though that a level 5 collector does come in handy as you can pick up any egg type and convert the eggs into red; getting red eggs into the cannon faster then a normal level 2 collector who has to wait for the cycle to give him red eggs.


This is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs to master. The defender level of a player greatly affects performance, since the lure range determined if runners are stopped or not. One way to stop runners from reaching the lure cave is by dropping a straight line of random types of bait parallel to the south wall, as it is almost an impenetrable barrier that stops runners from getting past. There is no penalty for using the wrong type of bait, and there is also no penalty for using the egg launcher, so you can put up a line of bait and use explosive/poison eggs instead. Two explosive eggs or 5 poison eggs kill a runner. Remember to call to the healer frequently. Blocking the caves using planks will only slow your team down and will not be required if you play defender properly and keep the bait line in place. Keep an eye out for the occasional single runner that gets past on the far left side. In wave 10 you will not lose points if the runners go through the lure cave. Because the collector may not get the eggs loaded fast enough, here is a good strategy for actually getting them to the trap...

As soon as the wave starts, get the food and run straight for the trap. Drop 2 of the correct food on the trap or on a square next to it. Place a line of food from the trap to the hammer. This will distract and lure runners coming out of the cave. Grab a hammer and logs and head right back for the trap to fix it and lay 2 more food. After this, look for any runners which may have gotten past and lure them back to the trap with a trail of food. Note - you need to drop the correct food on the trap to kill the runners but do not need the correct food to lure them in a certain direction. The trap is good for killing 2 runners before it needs to be repaired. It's also a good idea to stick to one trap so that you don't have to run back and forth. The amount of runners you will have is one more than the wave you are on. For instance... in wave one, you will have 2 runners, in wave two, 3 runners, and so on.

A slight variation to the above method is to barricade the Runner’s cave (The third cave, going West to East) before checking on the trap. This gives you time to grab more logs, repair your trap and bait it again, before letting another 2 runners through and re-barricading the cave. This way is slower but better for points because it is unlikely many runners will reach the south cave. It should also be pointed out that this method is redundant for Wave 10, where you lose no points to Runners getting past.

Here's another method, which works very well for some people. It is quite easy to do, and does not require a higher defender level. First, you get the bait and call. Then, run to the right platform and use up all but 12 baits. Use ALL types, in a few different locations above the platform. Then, use ALL 12 of the other baits right on top of the trap. Now, go refuel baits and pick up logs/hammer. Repair as necessary, and keep stocking the baits as indicated above. Since the wrong bait only causes the runners to recoil, you can ensure that they all stay in the top right corner of the map. It seems as though the runners "pick" one bait within their range to go eat, and they will eat/recoil based on what type it is. This method may seem slow, however it usually finishes faster than most other defender methods. Essentially, this method traps all the runners in one spot so they can't escape, and some of them end up running to the trap. As long as the defender restocks all the bait and repairs the trap, this method will allow the defender to get through all the waves with no escaped runners. Don't forget to call often! Another good thing about the above method is that it does not require the defender to know what type of bait is called.


The healer level is only second in importance compared to the defender level. The amount of HP restored per dose can greatly affect a team's survival chances. If the team does not have two healers, it is important for you to heal first and kill healers later.

You can drop a poison pack into healers once in a while when you are near one, but by concentrating on healing you ensure the team's survival. On a team with two healers, the higher leveled healer will concentrate on healing while the lower leveled healer kill the penance healers. On every wave except wave 10, the more hitpoints healed, the more honour points earned from healing. (It's capped at 511.) On wave 10, two healers is an absolute necessity since the penance queen damages very frequently. The higher leveled healer will heal the players as they gather around the healing pool, while the lower leveled healer will make the omega eggs. Killing healers will be easier since you can just try the poison packs instead of waiting for calls.

Because of the complexity of the Defender's job, Healers are often the ones who need to keep up on their calling the most. Although healing is top priority to avoid losing a teammate, failing to update the Defender on proper bait can result in the loss of a lot of points and a long time waiting for all Runners to be killed.


Honour Points

Players gain Honour Points as they play. The amount of Honour Points that a player receives is based on their performance (Individual Honour Points), and how well they worked with their team (Team Honour Points), along with the difficulty of the wave. Note that Individual Points are counted as double. It is important for the player to do their role effectively, so that they are not penalised twice (i.e Individual Points reduction, and Team Points reduction).

This is an example of the Advanced Breakdown Points Table for an Attacker:

Advanced Breakdown Points Table
Reward Contributor Notes
# Honour Points Importance of Teamwork
Team Individual
Runners that got past 4 -10 Defender Healer needs to call out Bait type
Rangers killed 5 4 4 Attacker Collector needs to call out Attack style
Fighters killed 5 4 4 Attacker Collector needs to call out Attack style
Healers killed 5 3 Healer Defender needs to call out Poison type
Runners killed 5 9 Defender Healer needs to call out Bait type
Player hitpoints replenished 60 3 Healer
Wrong poison packs used 2 -0 Healer Defender needs to call out Poison type
Eggs collected (minus exploded) 20 4 Collector Attacker needs to call out Colour
Failed Attacker attacks 10 -9 -9 Attacker Collector needs to call out Attack type
Total 10 -1
Honour Points 9 Team + Individual

This is the formula (approximate) for calculating Honour Points for each Role:

Honour Points for Waves 1-9
Role Points earned Penalties (Max: 10 points)
Collector Egg collected / 4.5 (rounded down) Exploded eggs (subtracted from total eggs collected)
Healer (Total / 18) plus
Healers killed x 0.7 (rounded down)
Each wrong poison used / 4
Attacker (Fighters killed - 1) + (Rangers killed - 1) Each wrong attack style x 0.9 (rounded down)
Defender Runners killed x 1.8 (rounded down) Runners getting through x 3
Entire Team The sum of all the above points will be given to everyone on the team The sum of all the above penalties is deducted from everyone on the team
For completing Wave 10, each player gets 80 points for their role (plus 5 points in each of the other 3 roles.)
  • Note: Maximum penalty of 10 may affect team totals, but individual totals can only go down to 0 (i.e. no negative value).

Players may then spend their Honour Points by talking to Commander Connad, who can be found in the Barbarian Assault entrance hall, near Captain Cain. Players may choose to spend their points by either:

  • Upgrading their level in a particular role (Level 1-5).
  • Purchasing Penance armour.
  • Gambling to obtain items, including the extremely rare Dragon chainbody.

Level Upgrade

Players may upgrade the level in a particular role from Level 1 up to Level 5. By upgrading their levels, the player gain extra abilities such as extra damage, higher healing, etc. However, each upgrade requires spending a certain amount of Honour Points. A total of 1,400 Honour Points is needed to obtain a Level 5 role. An astounding 5,600 points is required to obtain Level 5 in all roles.

Abilities gained by upgrading:

  • Collector - increase the capacity of the Egg Collector bag.
  • Healer - increase the healing capacity.
  • Attacker - increase damage on Penance Fighters and Penance Rangers.
  • Defender - increase the lure range for Penance Runners.

A summary of the level upgrades for each role:

Level Honour Points Collector Healer Attacker Defender
1 Start level Bag holds 2 eggs Heals 10 hp +1 Damage Lure 4 spaces
2 200 Bag holds 4 eggs Heals 15 hp +2 Damage Lure 5 spaces
3 300 Bag holds 6 eggs Heals 20 hp +3 Damage Lure 6 spaces
4 400 Bag holds 7 eggs Heals 25 hp +4 Damage Lure 8 spaces
5 500 Bag holds 8 eggs Heals 35 hp +5 Damage Lure 10 spaces


Players may also purchase Penance armour using their Honour Points. Certain items require the player to kill the Penance Queen. Each time the player wants one of these items, he or she must kill the queen once. The kills do not "stack". Therefore, it is wise to buy the item as soon as you kill the queen in order to avoid wasting the requirement. If players do not have enough points or are saving up it is advised it buy a granite body for coins. This is because if a Granite body is bought it can always be sold on the grand exchange fairly quickly at a higher price so there is no loss to the player. However, if a player is only missing a few dozen points and will probably be able to earn them before their next Queen kill it is probably worthwhile to keep saving up. Of course this may mean leaving one's current team. Also note that points from all roles are required.

Armour Points in each Role Queen Kill required?
Fighter hat 275 Yes
Fighter torso 375 Yes
Healer hat 275 Yes
Runner hat 275 Yes
Runner boots 100 No
Ranger hat 275 Yes
Penance gloves 150 No
Penance skirt 375 Yes
Granite body 95,000 coins Yes
  • Note: It is possible to have more than one Penance item; if players lose an item on death, players may buy the item then retrieve the original item from their grave.


Players may then spend their Honour Points by talking to Commander Connad, who can be found in the Barbarian Assault entrance hall, near Captain Cain. By gambling, players may obtain various items, including the extremely rare Dragon chainbody.

There are 3 methods of gambling, each with different costs:

  • Gamble low: costs 10 Honour Points
  • Gamble medium: costs 20 Honour Points
  • Gamble high: costs 30 Honour Points; and requires the player to have killed the Penance Queen at least once.

Please note that the odds of getting a Dragon chainbody are exceedingly slim, seeing as it is a very rare and valuable item. The odds of obtaining it are, as quoted from Jagex, "About the same odds as Zamorak suddenly deciding to give up his evil ways.", which, according to RuneScape mythology, is nearly zero.

Gamble Low

  • Coins (7992)
  • Unicorn horns (10, noted)
  • Flax
  • Sweetcorn seeds (25)
  • Guam seeds (49)
  • Guam Leaf (19, noted)
  • Iron Ores (80, noted)
  • Raw Tunas (83, noted)
  • Raw Lobsters (30, noted)
  • Oak Logs (394, noted)
  • Sapphires (19 noted)
  • Uncut Sapphires (17 or 20; noted)
  • Mithril battle axe

Gamble Medium

  • Feathers (636)
  • Death runes (50)
  • Ranarr (2)
  • Cadantines (5, noted)
  • Watermelon seeds (6)
  • Rune arrows (p+) (52)

Gamble High

  • Coins (24,975, or 33,784)
  • Loop half of a key
  • Tooth half of a key
  • Dragon bones (13, noted)
  • Death runes (37, 52, 81, 107 or 151)
  • Blood runes (40, 44, or 45)
  • Iron ore (62, noted)
  • Adamantite ores (23, noted)
  • Uncut rubies (70, noted)
  • Ranarr weeds (50, noted)
  • Ranarr seeds (70)
  • Palm tree seed
  • Magic Tree Seed
  • Raw swordfish (64, 106, 112, 119 or 128; noted)
  • Raw sharks (57, noted)
  • Tuna potatoes (23, 27, 28, 29 or 30; noted)
  • Yew logs (168, noted)
  • Teak logs (23, noted)
  • Teak planks (22, 46, 55, 58 or 60; noted)
  • Dragonstone (cut)
  • Rune battleaxe


  • Teams do not lose honour points by using the cannon. Because each team member will lose points for runners that pass, a good technique is to use it to kill runners south of the cannon rock.
  • Players are allowed to use normal potions; however, potions mixed using Barbarian training may not be brought into the arena.
  • Barricaded entrances will only slow down, not stop, Penance from entering the battlefield.
  • Penance gloves reduce weight by 4.5 kg when worn, making them useful for activities involving running (i.e. runecrafting, agility training.)
  • Runner hats and Runner boots are useful for tank pures. The hat is similar to a rune full helm in stat bonuses, and the boots are similar to Black boots. Both of these, however, have no negative Ranged and Magi bonuses, making them useful for pures who do not want to sacrifice defence for offence, or vice-versa.
  • The Healer hat and Ranger hat offer alternatives to the Farseer helm and Archer helm.
  • It is also helpful that teammates wear a full set of Guthan's, so that they do not need to be healed as often.
  • Once all Penance creatures are dead, team members should gather near the Healing Pool. This is better for the Healer(s) as they do not have to run far. An alternative for Waves 1 through 9 is for players to hide in one of the corners of the Egg Launcher "hills", where they can't be poisoned, ranged or meleed. This strategy doesn't work at Wave 10 due to the Penance Queen's magic attack.
  • You will not get combat experience here.

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